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Class project for 2024...
Project Goal is to raise $40,000 to support the  LeaP Outside project initiative.  
The heart of the project revolves around creating an inclusive and vibrant outdoor sanctuary that promotes healing, connection, and community for children and their families dealing with grief.
This includes fostering a sense of comfort, building connections among the children, and providing a healing environment through appealing gardens, inspiring art installations, and safe play areas. Additionally, the project aims to extend the support to include community dining, outdoor grief support groups, and opportunities for families to build connections and find solace together.
  • How to Donate:
    • All money orders and checks can be made out to the Pensacola Chamber Foundation Leap Project and mailed to the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce at:
      PO BOX 550 Pensacola, FL 32591.
Donations may also be made HERE.
2024 LeaP Class 3.jpg

Meet THE Class 

At the heart of LeaP Outside's success lies the spirit of teamwork and collaboration. Our dedicated committees, fueled by passion and a shared commitment to the well-being of grieving children, are working seamlessly to turn this vision into a reality. Together, class members synergize their efforts, bringing diverse skills and perspectives to the table. It's the magic of teamwork that propels LeaP Outside forward, creating a transformative haven where healing, connection, and community thrive.


Project Chairs

Kelsey D Powell

Mark Vanderhaden Jr.

Community Give Back

Darra Flanagan

Wandy Samuel

Events and Outreach

Jeremy Small                     Maggie Vlass                   

Justin Oswald                   

Lindsey Walk                                

Kia Goldsmith                    Randolph Scott                Danielle Woods                Katie Gardocki

Kristy Craig

AJ Powell*

Kate Andrews*


Jeff Brooks

Johnny Crane

Michelle Sanchez 


Amanda Holtzhower

Mike White

Andrew Sowell

Scott Hohn

Kayla Stanley*

 Natasha Howard

Heather Dammeyer

Joshua Brown

Carnell Dancy

Larry Hicks

Matt Meilstrup

Madrina  Ciano*


Jake Wilson

Warren Sonnen

Meg Peltier 

Kevin Christman

Amanda Wood

Chris Klotz

Betsy McDonald*

Scott Taylor

Brad Larsen

Alex Steelman

Matthew Horne

Michael Ann Riley*


Laura Gilliam

Emily Echevarria

Sarah Gatewood*

Bridget Arnold

Melissa Branton

Mallory Wilson*

Kim Worley

Chelsea Weaver

John “Jack” Terhaar

Kevin King

Alyvia Waite

* Committee Chairman

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